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Course Overview

Are you struggling to maintain the balance of quality and quantity at work? Is your workload taking its toll on your professional life? If so, then you might be having issues with your productivity. It’s not unusual losing productivity when you’re under immense pressure to complete tasks and you’re in a fix when it comes to knowing how to manage them. Every one of us has faced the same situation in our professional and personal life. But, what is not the same is how we deal with this problem and what our strategy for finding the solution this. This is the secret of productivity.

In this Maximising Personal Productivity Course, you’ll learn the secrets of productivity and how to maximise it in your professional and personal life. This course is designed to teach you the strategies and techniques that would help you balance your workload.

Here, you’ll learn how to set SMART goals and schedule your day by creating a professional routine. You’ll explore the power of routine and how to keep on top of tasks. Besides, this course teaches you project management techniques and how to tackle new tasks, as well as create a workspace within your comfort zone. Furthermore, this course equips you with the necessary skills to tackle procrastination and beat the deadlines.

In this comprehensive training, you’ll learn the skills to get the most out of your capability and maximise your productivity.

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • SMART goals and the power of routine 
  • Scheduling and tackling tasks and projects
  • Project management techniques
  • Organising and managing your personal life. 
  • Tackling procrastination

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to set SMART goals. 
  • Learn how to create a routine and schedule yourself accordingly. 
  • Understand the minute rules of productivity. 
  • Learn project management techniques and how to take on new tasks. 
  • Learn how to organise files and folders and manage emails. 
  • Understand the cause of your procrastination and how to beat it. 

Your Path to Success

Develop the skills to maintain the balance of quality and quantity of your work and become a more efficient worker. Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll be awarded an accredited certificate as recognition of your skills which will help you to stand out from the crowd. 

Skills You Will Gain

  • Time management 
  • Project management
  • Goal setting
  • Organisation

Is This Maximising Personal Productivity Course Right for You?

This Maximising Personal Productivity Course is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to develop the skills to manage their tasks efficiently and increase productivity. You don’t need any formal qualification to take this course and it allows you to learn at your own pace without juggling your daily schedule. 


Upon passing the course, you will receive proper certification that is accredited by IAO and CPD and universally accepted. You can order your certificate at a cost of £10 for PDF and £29 for hardcopy certificate or both for £39.

Course Curriculum

Module One: Setting SMART Goals
Setting SMART Goals 00:13:00
Module Two: The Power of Routines
The Power of Routines 00:14:00
Module Three: Scheduling Yourself
Scheduling Yourself 00:11:00
Module Four: Keeping Yourself on Top of Tasks
Keeping Yourself on Top of Tasks 00:06:00
Module Five: Tackling New Tasks and Projects
Tackling New Tasks and Projects 00:08:00
Module Six: Using Project Management Techniques
Using Project Management Techniques 00:13:00
Module Seven: Creating a Workspace
Creating a Workspace 00:06:00
Module Eight: Organizing Files and Folders
Organizing Files and Folders 00:07:00
Module Nine: Managing E-mail
Managing E-mail 00:07:00
Module Ten: Tackling Procrastination
Tackling Procrastination 00:11:00


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Maximising Personal Productivity Course
  • 1 year
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  • 1 hour, 36 minutes

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