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Course Overview

Enhance your professional skills to a whole new level with the best-selling and award-winning Health & Diet Coaching course! Don’t waste time with poor quality training – study the Health & Diet Coaching and get an expertly-designed, great value training experience. Learn from industry professionals and quickly equip yourself with the specific knowledge and skills you need to excel in your chosen career through the Health & Diet Coaching online training course.

The Health & Diet Coaching online training course is accredited by the CPD and provides 04 points without the need for any further training. Students can expect to complete this Health & Diet Coaching training course in around 04 Hours. You’ll also get dedicated expert assistance from us to answer any queries you may have while studying our Health & Diet Coaching course.

The Health & Diet Coaching course is broken down into several in-depth modules to provide you with the most convenient and rich learning experience possible. Upon successful completion of the Health & Diet Coaching course, you will receive an instant e-certificate as proof of the comprehensive skill development and competency. Add these amazing new skills to your resume and boost your employability by simply enrolling on this Health & Diet Coaching course.

With this comprehensive Health & Diet Coaching, you can achieve your dreams and train for your ideal career. The Health & Diet Coaching provides students with an in-depth learning experience which you can work through at your own pace to enhance your professional development. The Health & Diet Coaching covers everything you need in order to progress in your chosen career.

Enrolling on the Health & Diet Coaching will ensure that you land your dream career faster than you thought possible. Stand out from the crowd and train for the job you want with the Health & Diet Coaching program.

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • The role and responsibilities of a health and wellness coach
  • An introduction to calories and energy in food
  • Popular diets for health and longevity
  • An introduction to the different food groups
  • How to set SMART diet goals

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain the skills and practical knowledge to become a qualified  health and wellness coach
  • Learn how to put together a balanced diet plan based on your client’s needs and goals
  • Understand the science of successful weight loss and how to adjust a diet for weight loss
  • Create the perfect strength training and cardio workout routines for you and your clients
  • Know how to assess your clients’ physical capacity, health and fitness levels
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the different types of diets and their benefits

Skills You Will Gain

  • Coaching
  • Meal-planning
  • Goal-setting
  • Leadership

Is This Health & Diet Coaching Course Right for You?

This health and wellness coaching course is designed to provide those who are looking to kickstart a career in the health and fitness industry with the skills, knowledge and credentials to do so. To provide you with ease of access, this course is designed for both part-time and full-time students. You can become accredited in just 20/30 hours, with the freedom to study at your own pace.


Upon passing the course, you will receive proper certification that is accredited by IAO and CPD and universally accepted. You can order your certificate at a cost of £10 for PDF and £29 for hardcopy certificate or both for £39.

Course Curriculum

Health & Diet Coaching
Course Promo 00:02:00
Introduction 00:02:00
The Roles & Responsibilities Of A Health & Wellness Coach 00:02:00
What does it mean to be healthy? 00:04:00
Diet Fundamentals
Diet Intro 00:01:00
How Your Diet Affects Your Health 00:04:00
How To Eat For Longevity 00:01:00
Calories Explained 00:04:00
Bodyweight & Health 00:05:00
Calories & Bodyweight In A Healthy Diet 00:02:00
Twinkie Diet 00:02:00
Weight Loss & Health 00:03:00
Determining Your Daily Calorie Intake 00:03:00
Healthy Weight Ranges 00:02:00
Quality Protein Choices 00:01:00
Quality Carbohydrate Choices 00:01:00
Quality Fat Choices 00:01:00
How Much Of Each (Protein, Carbs, Fat)? 00:04:00
What About The Remaining Calories 00:01:00
Food Groups Explained
Vegetables Explained 00:03:00
Grains Explained 00:03:00
Beans & Legumes Explained 00:02:00
Fruits Explained 00:02:00
Berries Explained 00:02:00
Nuts & Seeds Explained 00:02:00
Meat Explained 00:03:00
Fish & Seafood Explained 00:02:00
Different Diets Explained
Different Diets Overview 00:01:00
Gluten Free Explained 00:03:00
Paleo Diet Explained 00:04:00
Low Carb Explained 00:03:00
Intermittent Fasting Explained 00:03:00
Vegan Diet Explained 00:05:00
Ketogenic Diet Explained 00:07:00
Diet Coaching
Client Assessment Introduction 00:01:00
Client Interview 00:04:00
How To Set SMART Diet Goals 00:06:00
How To Create A Diet Plan For Clients 00:09:00
Calculating BMI 00:03:00
Weight Loss & Muscle Growth Coaching
The Science Of Successful Weight Loss 00:05:00
Determining Calorie Needs 00:03:00
Adjusting A Diet For Weight Loss 00:04:00
Breaking Through Fat Loss Plateaus 00:04:00
Adjusting A Diet For Muscle Growth 00:04:00
The Ideal Pre-Workout Meal 00:04:00
The Ideal Post-Workout Meal 00:02:00
Exercise Coaching: Cardio
Cardio Intro 00:01:00
The Different Types Of Cardio 00:02:00
How To Design A Cardio Workout 00:04:00
How To Monitor Your Heart Rate During A Workout 00:02:00
Cardio vs Weigh Training – Which Is Better For Weight Loss 00:07:00
Exercise Coaching: Resistance Training
Weight Training Fundamentals 00:01:00
The Science Behind Muscle Growth 00:04:00
Weight Training vs Bodyweight Training 00:02:00
How To Create A Beginner Workout Plan 00:09:00
Progressive Overload 00:03:00
Exercise Coaching: Flexibility
Flexibility Introduction 00:01:00
Most Common Stretching Mistakes 00:04:00
Static vs. Dynamic Stretching 00:05:00
Your Daily Stretching Routine 00:03:00
Wellness & Mental Coaching
Wellness Coaching Intro 00:01:00
What Are Habits 00:02:00
Why Habits Matter 00:01:00
How To Build Effective Habits 00:05:00
Habit Stacking For Better Results 00:03:00
Choosing The Right Triggers 00:03:00
Writing Down Your Sequence 00:01:00
How The Sedentary Lifestyle Hurts The Brain 00:01:00
Understanding & Reducing Stress 00:06:00
The Right Mental Stimulation 00:04:00
Sleeping For A Longer Life 00:04:00
6 Tips To Falls Asleep Faster 00:03:00
The Best Type Of Exercise For The Brain 00:03:00
Preventing Age Related Memory Loss 00:03:00
Making Memory Age Proof 00:04:00
Bonus: Coaching Tools
Coaching Tools Intro 00:01:00
The Grow Coaching Model 00:05:00
Creating Your Ideal Coaching Persona 00:05:00
How To Learn Active Listening 00:04:00
Asking The Right Questions As A Coach 00:05:00
How To Be More Empathetic 00:03:00


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Health & Diet Coaching
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