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Course Overview

Establish a solid foundation in HR management and payroll with the HR & Payroll Training Bundle (All in One) course. This ultimate course will help you acquire the key skills to manage all the areas of HR. This course will also provide you with a valuable certificate of achievement to help you build an impressive resume. 

The ultimate HR & Payroll Training Bundle (All in One) bundle course includes 8 CPD & IAO accredited courses:

  1. HR (Human Resources) at QLS Level 7
  2. HR Management Beginner to Intermediate Course
  3. HR Management Diploma
  4. Employee Management for HR
  5. HR Training: Civility
  6. Payroll Administrator Training
  7. HR and Payroll Masterclass
  8. HR Training: Handling Violence in Workplace

The HR (Human Resources) at QLS Level 7 course will educate you on UK recruitment legislation. You will learn about the recruitment and selection process from the HR Management Beginner to Intermediate Course. The HR Management Diploma course will help you develop the skills to motivate and counsel employees. Then you will pick up the strategies of ensuring workplace safety from the Employee Management for HR course. 

In addition, the HR Training: Civility course will help you understand how to resolve conflicts. You will develop a clear understanding of the UK payroll system from the Payroll Administrator Training course. The HR and Payroll Masterclass course will assist you in improving your communication skills. The final course of this bundle is the HR Training: Handling Violence in Workplace course. It will provide you with the essential expertise for risk assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarise yourself with the recruitment legislation 
  • Understand the essentials of the selection process 
  • Learn the strategies to motivate the employees
  • Enrich your knowledge of UK employment
  • Become skilled in conflict resolution 
  • Develop the ability to create a safe workplace 
  • Learn the techniques of risk assessment 
  • Get introduced to the UK payroll system  

Who is this Course for?

The HR & Payroll Training Bundle (All in One) course is for individuals interested to work in the HR sector. This course will also come in handy for those already working in this area. 

Career Path

The HR & Payroll Training Bundle (All in One) course provides essential skills that will make you more effective in your role. It would be beneficial for any related profession in the industry, such as

  • HR Manager (Salary Range £35,000-£55,000)

Course Curriculum

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HR & Payroll Training (All You Need to Know)

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