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Course Overview:

Learn how to help your community’s feet stay healthy and well by taking this Foot Health Practitioner Course. By becoming an FHP, you’ll be able to diagnose conditions that can be painful and prevent an individual from being fully mobile. From hard skin to ingrowing toenails, you will be responsible for alleviating the common causes of foot pain and discomfort that plague many people. Using input from industry specialists, you will be provided with expert advice from reliable sources and become familiar with the anatomy and physiology of the feet. The contents of these online modules will provide not only dermatological training but also medical expertise about the human foot’s internal systems.         

This Foot Health Practitioner Course can prove to be an invaluable aid for those starting out in chiropody and podiatry professions. You will be taught the work and business responsibilities of an FHP and the legalities. The course then primarily focuses on the anatomical and physiological aspects of footcare and all the appropriate treatments for the many disorders that professionals encounter. Along with this, you will be given specialised training on nail diseases and the pieces of equipment that you will need to use in the role of an FHP. Take these online modules at your own pace and become proficient in the art of foot care. Enrol now and help the world stay steady on its feet.    

Learning outcomes: 

  • Learn the benefits and responsibilities of becoming an FHP
  • Fully understand the anatomy and physiology of the human foot
  • Know how to accurately exam and diagnose issues with a client’s foot
  • Become familiar with all podiatry equipment and instruments
  • Gain awareness of all symptoms relating to foot disorders
  • Be accomplished with all types of foot treatment
  • Know how to recognise signs of disease in toenails 
  • Discover how to perform reflexology and pedicures


Who is This Course for?

This course is primarily aimed at those individuals who intend to go into business as Foot Health Practitioners (FHP) or will have regular contact with a client’s feet on a cosmetic or medical basis.        

Career Path

This course is perfect for those that wish to enter into Podiatry professions or medical and cosmetic roles associated with feet. As such, it covers the following careers and roles:

  • Chiropodist or Podiatrist
  • Podiatry Assistant
  • Healthcare Specialist 
  • Reflexologist 
  • Nail and Beauty Technician

Course Curriculum

Foot Health Practitioner
Module-1: A Comprehensive Introduction to FHP 00:18:00
Module-2: Anatomy and Physiology of Foot 00:36:00
Module-3: Systems in the Foot 00:35:00
Module-4: Foot Dermatology 00:29:00
Module-5: Examination and Diagnosis in Clinical Management 00:33:00
Module-6: Podiatry Equipment and Instrument 00:59:00
Module-7: Foot Disorders 00:38:00
Module-8: Treating Foot Disorders 00:41:00
Module-9: Diseases of the Nail and Their Treatment 00:45:00
Module-10: Management of High-Risk Patients 00:25:00
Module-11: Diabetic Foot 00:40:00
Module-12: Pedicure 00:29:00
Module-13: Reflexology 00:35:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Foot Health Practitioner Course 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Foot Health Practitioner Course 00:20:00


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