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Course Overview

Master the skills to become a proficient financial analyst through the highly informative Finance Analysis Mastery Diploma course. This ultimate bundle will provide quality lessons and open new doors of opportunities for your career.

The ultimate Finance Analysis Mastery Diploma bundle course includes the following courses:

  1. Financial Modelling Using Excel
  2. Microsoft Excel Complete Course – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced-CPD 
  3. Microsoft Excel: Automated Dashboard Using Advanced Formula, VBA, Power Query
  4. Finance and Financial Analysis
  5. Cryptocurrency Investing Guide
  6. Investment Banking 
  7. Corporate Finance Training
  8. Quickbooks Bookkeeping 
  9.  Bookkeeping Training

The Financial Modelling Using Excel course will show you how to use Excel to plan your financial model. In the Microsoft Excel Complete Course – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced- CPD you will get introduced to the functions and formulas of MS Excel. From the Microsoft Excel: Automated Dashboard Using Advanced Formula, VBA, Power Query course you will learn about Excel models. Then the Finance and Financial Analysis course will educate you on the vitals of financial analysis. 

This bundle also includes the Cryptocurrency Investing Guide course, which will teach you the strategies of cryptocurrency investment. The Investment Banking course will provide lectures on valuation methods in investment banking. Next, the Corporate Finance Training course will help you understand financial statements. You will learn the basics of Quickbooks through the Quickbooks Bookkeeping course. The last course is the Bookkeeping Training , it will improve your bookkeeping skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to plan your financial model
  • Familiarise yourself with the advanced features of MS Excel
  • Get introduced to three important Excel models
  • Develop your skills in financial analysis
  • Enrich your knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency 
  • Understand the structure and sides of investment banking
  • Build the skills to evaluate a firm’s financial performance 
  • Gain expertise in Quickbooks bookkeeping
  • Understand the bookkeeping system

Who is this Course for?

The Finance Analysis Mastery Diploma course is designed for aspiring professionals in the related fields. People already working in this area can also take this course to enrich their skills.

Career Path

The Finance Analysis Mastery Diploma course provides essential skills that will make you more effective in your role. It would be beneficial for any related profession in the industry, such as

  • Financial Analyst (Salary Range £29,000-£100,000)

Course Curriculum

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