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Course Overview

Learn how to make accurate and insightful decisions in the heat of the moment, even when you are under immense pressure. With our help, you will be able to overcome those feelings of panic and fear that we all feel in a crisis, no matter what your age or experience is. Become confident that you are making choices that you’ll never regret and that your abilities will inspire others to follow you when it matters. By accepting our training and guidance, anyone can become more focused and effective leaders during an emergency. You can make a positive difference in your life by taking this course and learning how to manage your natural responses when it really matters.

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • Reacting to a stressful situation
  • Adverse effects that stress can place on our thought processes
  • Overriding negative influences
  • Leadership in an emergency
  • Confidence and assertion

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how the decision-making process works
  • Be prepared for leadership responsibilities in a corporate culture
  • Realise the impact of stress and pressure when making choices
  • Learn to adapt to time constraints in any given event
  • Know how to mitigate stress in a crisis
  • Improve your ability to analyse an incident and make the best possible choice for resolution
  • Become empowered to make decisions alone or as part of a collective team
  • Recognise the presence of conflict and know how to overcome it

Your Path to Success

You will learn to occupy a position of leadership or guidance during a high-pressure situation. This is equally applicable to those in a corporate structure with fiscal repercussions, as it is for someone who may work in the medical or health sector and treat patients.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Diagnostic skills
  • Problem & Incident Management
  • Self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Leadership skills


Upon passing the course, you will receive proper certification that is accredited by IAO and CPD and universally accepted. You can order your certificate at a cost of £10 for PDF and £29 for hardcopy certificate or both for £39.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: What is Decision Making?
What is Decision Making? 00:41:00
Module 2: Stress and Its Impact
Stress and Its Impact 00:28:00
Module 3: Time Stress and Decision Making
Time Stress and Decision Making 00:27:00
Module 4: Personal Level Decision making Under Stress
Personal Level Decision making Under Stress 00:37:00
Module 5: Organisational Level Decision making Under Stress
Organisational Level Decision making Under Stress 00:21:00
Module 6: Decision Making for Conflict Management
Decision Making for Conflict Management 00:31:00


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  • 3 hours, 5 minutes

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