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Course Overview

Discover how to become a bake-off ace and produce delicious food that looks as good as it tastes when you take our popular Cake Decorating Online Course. The process of baking the perfect cake doesn’t end when you take it out of the oven; it has to be worked, iced, topped, and presented. You can learn how to turn a simple sponge into an incredible culinary creation by following the tips contained in this comprehensive training.

Including advice and knowledge from cooking maestros, each online module can be taken at your own pace and used to create a sweet-tasting sensation. You will learn everything you need to know in the kitchen, from mixing a mocha buttercream to assembling a layer cake. This learning experience covers the whole baking and decorating process, whilst teaching you how to work with frosting, pastes, and glazes, in addition to stacking and piping methods.


Key Topics to Be Covered

  • Basic baking methods and the history of cake decorating
  • Types of cake and types of decorating materials 
  • Covering cakes with frosting, icing, and pastes
  • Using glazes and stacking layers for the best effect 
  • Piping, writing, and starting your own business


Learning Outcomes

  • Instant access to recipes and cooking techniques for cakes and decorations
  • Participation in interactive cooking exercises and assignments
  • Quick assessment and guidance during cooking
  • CPD accreditation for proof of acquired skills and knowledge
  • Freedom to study in any location and at a pace that suits you
  • Expert support from dedicated tutors committed to online learning


Your Path to Success

By completing the training contained in the Cake Decorating Online Course, you will become skilled in creating different types of cakes and professionally decorating them. This will allow you to create perfect cakes for the family or friends. It may also provide the first steps towards starting a bakery business or work in the baking section of a professional catering team.


Is This Course Right for You?

This course is designed to provide an introduction to cake creation and enhance the appropriate baking skills. It provides an excellent way to gain the skill and confidence to start cooking in an amateur or professional capacity. Full-time and part-time learners are equally supported, and it can take just 20 to 30 hours to gain accreditation, with study periods being entirely customisable to your needs.


Assessment Process

Assignments relating to cake baking and cake decorating will be given to all students and must be completed to pass the course successfully.

Course Curriculum

Cake Decorating Online Course
Module 1: Introduction to Cake Decorating 00:22:00
Module 2: Baking the Cake 00:21:00
Module 3: Cake Decorating Recipes 00:19:00
Module 4: Types of Cakes 00:13:00
Module 5: Frosting and Icing 00:25:00
Module 6: Working with Different Paste 00:22:00
Module 7: Working with Glazes 00:28:00
Module 8: How to Stack a Cake 00:21:00
Module 9: Piping and Writing 00:24:00
Module 10: Health, Safety and Food Hygiene 00:19:00
Module 11: Cake Decorating Business 00:20:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Cake Decorating Online Course 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Cake Decorating Online Course 00:20:00


Cake Decorating