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Learn from industry professionals and quickly equip yourself with the specific knowledge and skills you need to excel in your chosen career through the Adobe Photoshop Training training course.


The Adobe Photoshop Training online training course is accredited by CPD, CMA & IAO with CPD points for professional development. Students can expect to complete this Adobe Photoshop Training training course in around Three hours. You’ll also get dedicated expert assistance from us to answer any queries you may have while studying our Adobe Photoshop Training course.


The Adobe Photoshop Training course is broken down into several in-depth modules to provide you with the most convenient and rich learning experience possible. Upon successful completion of the Adobe Photoshop Training course, you will receive an instant e-certificate as proof of comprehensive skill development and competency. Add these amazing new skills to your resume and boost your employability by simply enrolling on this Adobe Photoshop Training course.


With this comprehensive Adobe Photoshop Training course, you can achieve your dreams and train for your ideal career. The Adobe Photoshop Training course provides students with an in-depth learning experience that they can work through at their own pace to enhance their professional development. The Adobe Photoshop Training course covers everything you need in order to progress in your chosen career.


You’ll get a free Student ID card by enrolling in this course. This ID card entitles you to discounts on bus tickets, movie tickets, and library cards.


Enrolling on the Adobe Photoshop Training course will ensure that you land your dream career faster than you thought possible. Stand out from the crowd and train for the job you want.


Why Prefer this Adobe Photoshop Training Course? 

  • Opportunity to earn a certificate accredited by CPD, CMA & IAO after completing this Adobe Photoshop Training course
  • Student ID card with amazing discounts — completely for FREE! (Postal charges will be applicable for international delivery)
  • Standard-aligned lesson planning
  • Innovative and engaging contents and activities
  • Assessments that measure higher-level thinking and skills
  • Complete the Adobe Photoshop Training program in your own time, at your own pace
  • Each of our students gets full tutor support on weekdays (Monday to Friday)


Assessment Process

Once you have completed all the modules in the Adobe Photoshop Training course, you can assess your skills and knowledge with an optional assignment. Our expert trainers will assess your assignment and give you feedback afterwards.


Show off Your New Skills With a Certification of Completion

The learners have to successfully complete the assessment of this Adobe Photoshop Training course to achieve the CPD, CMA & IAO accredited certificate. Digital certificates can be ordered for only £10. The learner can purchase printed hard copies inside the UK for £29, and international students can purchase printed hard copies for £39.


Who is this course for?

Anyone interested in learning more about this subject should take this Adobe Photoshop Training course. This Adobe Photoshop Training will help you grasp the basic concepts as well as develop a thorough understanding of the subject.


All are welcome to take this Adobe Photoshop Training course. There are no prerequisites for enrollment, and you can access the course materials from any location in the world.



The Adobe Photoshop Training program does not require any prior knowledge; everyone may participate! This Adobe Photoshop Training course is open to anyone who is interested in learning from anywhere in the world.


Every student must be over the age of 16 and have a passion for learning and literacy.


This 100% online course can be accessed from any internet-connected device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This Adobe Photoshop Training  course allows you to study at your own speed and grow a quality skillset.


Career Path

This Adobe Photoshop Training course will allow you to kickstart or take your career in the related sector to the next stage. Our whole Adobe Photoshop Training course will assist you in achieving a position of respect and dignity, as well as allowing you to gain an advantage over your competitors. This course certificate will strengthen your CV and assist you in finding work in the related industry.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 00:03:00
Processing Raw Images
What is the RAW Format 00:04:00
Understanding White Balance 00:05:00
Setting Exposure 00:07:00
Working with Color and Clarity 00:03:00
Working with Adobe Camera Raw
Updating Adobe Camera Raw 00:01:00
Using the Before and After Views 00:05:00
Resetting the Sliders 00:01:00
Understanding the Workflow Options 00:04:00
Setting the Camera Raw Preferences 00:03:00
Working with the Tools
Understanding the White Board Tool 00:03:00
Using the Color Sampler 00:01:00
Working with the Targeted Adjustment Tool 00:02:00
Cropping Images 00:03:00
Applying Straightening 00:01:00
Using the Spot Removal Tool 00:05:00
Applying the Red Eye Tool 00:03:00
Understanding the Adjustment Brush 00:04:00
Using the Graduated Filter 00:02:00
Applying the Radial Filter 00:02:00
Rotating Images 00:01:00
Using Advanced Exposure Settings and Sharpening
Using Curves 00:03:00
Understanding Sharpening and Noise 00:03:00
Creating Grayscale Images 00:03:00
Using Split Toning 00:03:00
Managing Corrections and Effects
Enabling Lens Profiles 00:03:00
Using Effects 00:02:00
Adding Grain 00:02:00
Applying Post Crop Vignette 00:02:00
Using Camera Calibration 00:03:00
Saving Presets 00:02:00
Applying Snapshots 00:02:00
Creating Image Adjustments
Using Adjustment Layers 00:02:00
Painting Layer Masks 00:05:00
Discovering Plugins for Photoshop
What are Plugins 00:04:00
Using the Nik Collection 00:08:00
Using HDR Pro Effex 00:06:00
Using On1 Effects 00:04:00
Exploring Workflows
Processing a Landscape Image 00:13:00
Processing a Macro Image 00:09:00
Processing a City 00:11:00
Course Recap 00:01:00


  • 1 year
  • Number of Units42
  • Number of Quizzes0
  • 2 hours, 34 minutes

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