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Course Overview:

Become an expert in the purification and analysis of a community’s water supply by taking our  Diploma in Water Treatment Course. Every town, village, and city is dependent on the freshness and quality of the water that flows from its collective taps. You can boost your potential and career opportunities with this Water Treatment certification course. By completing the tutorial contents, you will be fully trained in every aspect of the UK’s methods and regulations for treating water and making it clean enough to drink. Our Water Treatment online course has a large amount of essential information and procedures that have been sourced directly from industry professionals and chemistry experts.

The Diploma in Water Treatment course is specially compiled to allow the learner to quickly gain an insight into the necessary skills and knowledge base needed to operate as a specialist in this field. You will be taught all the chemical and physical characteristics of water, along with the appropriate sampling techniques. All of the stages of water treatment are explored in great depth, including the procedures for coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, and flotation. You will also be shown how to remove inorganic constituents and perform the final disinfection steps before its release. Every module can be taken from any online device and at a pace that suits your learning requirements. Enrol now and ensure the UK’s water supply continues to run freely and freshly.

Learning outcomes:

  • Become aware of the “hydrological cycle” and the potential of waterborne diseases
  • Learn how to sample and measure the quality of sourced water
  • Understand the preliminary stages of water treatment
  • Be aware of all the essential treatment stages needed for water purification
  • Discover fats, oils, and grease can be safely removed from water supplies
  • Gain the ability to remove inorganic constituents from water 
  • Attain an understanding of ion-exchange properties and procedures
  • Know how water can be effectively disinfected

Who is This course for?

This course has been created to provide individuals with rapid learning and education for the accepted water treatment processes in the UK. This will be of use to treatment specialists and those with connections to water supply companies.

Career Path

This course is ideal for those working or training in roles that involve the purification of waste or drinking water. As such, it covers the following careers and roles:

  • Water Treatment Engineer
  • Water Treatment Consultant
  • Water Treatment Technician
  • Field Engineer
  • Ecologist

Course Curriculum

Infection Control
Module 01: Introduction to Infection 00:33:00
Module 02: Body’s Defence Mechanism 00:28:00
Module 03: Microorganisms and Microbiology 00:15:00
Module 04: Bloodborne Pathogens 00:19:00
Module 05: Controlling Infection 00:29:00
Module 06: Decontamination and Disinfection 00:25:00
Module 07: Sterilisation Techniques 00:15:00
Module 08: Hygiene to Prevent Infection 00:25:00
Assignment – Infection Control Course 00:00:00


Infection Control