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Course Overview:

Start studying the basics of Chemistry and prepare yourself to take a more challenging course in the future.

A basic understanding of Chemistry is imperative to advance your studies without difficulty. This highly engaging Diploma in Basic Chemistry Level 3 course will guide you through the various learning stages of Chemistry and get you well prepared to approach the next level of proficiency. You’ll grasp the concept of the atom, matter, chemical bonding, organic chemistry that will help you build up to a better understanding of the subject. You will get a head start in Chemistry and benefit from developing your Chemistry expertise in time.

Enrol right now and get ready to experience Chemistry’s many wonderful discoveries!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Get an excellent understanding of basic chemistry.
  • Develop a better understanding of matter, atoms and chemical bonds.
  • Familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the periodic table.
  • Know in-detail about the energy, intermolecular forces and gases.
  • Enhance your knowledge about various types of chemistry like biochemistry, nuclear chemistry and more
  • Understand the underlying principles of inorganic and organic chemistry. 

Who is this course for:

This Diploma in Basic Chemistry Level 3 course is fitting for anyone who wants to strengthen their knowledge of basic chemistry and prepare themselves for job opportunities in the relevant field.

Career path:

The completion of this Diploma in Basic Chemistry Level 3 course will pave the way for the following professions:

  • Chemist 
  • Research Chemist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Chemical Engineer

Course Curriculum

Diploma in Basic Chemistry Level 3
Module 01: Introduction to Basic Chemistry 00:22:00
Module 02: Understanding Matter 00:19:00
Module 03: Atom 00:39:00
Module 04: Chemical Bonding 00:23:00
Module 05: Energy 00:36:00
Module 06: Periodic Table 00:33:00
Module 07: Intermolecular Forces 00:23:00
Module 08: Gases 00:23:00
Module 09: Solution 00:23:00
Module 10: Chemical Equilibrium 00:28:00
Module 11: Kinetics and Equilibrium 00:15:00
Module 12: Acids and Bases 00:21:00
Module 13: pH and pOH 00:21:00
Module 14: Reactions Involving Acids and Bases 00:23:00
Module 15: Redox Reaction 00:19:00
Module 16: Electricity and Chemistry 00:26:00
Module 17: Inorganic Chemistry 00:22:00
Module 18: Organic Chemistry 00:42:00
Module 19: Biochemistry 00:28:00
Module 20: Nuclear Chemistry 00:25:00
Module 21: Industrial Chemistry 00:22:00
Module 22: Environmental Chemistry 00:22:00
Module 23: Laboratory Safety 00:34:00
Module 24: Chemical Hygiene Plan 00:12:00
Assignment – Diploma in Basic Chemistry Level 3 00:00:00


Diploma in Basic Chemistry Level 3
  • 1 year
  • Number of Units25
  • Number of Quizzes0
  • 10 hours, 1 minute

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