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Course Overview

Is your closet in a mess and full of clothes that you hardly touch? Hit the reset button on your work and social life by taking this course to Revamp Your Closet. Not only will you gain space, but you can save money and make a profit by selling unwanted items that have been gathering dust for months. This incredibly useful guide will teach you how to revitalise your personal storage space, make it attractive and efficient, and remove that clutter that will never bring joy to your life. By taking this course, which is packed full of tips and recommendations from industry experts, you can make an amazing space in your home, and it’s all achievable on a low budget.       

This course is called Revamp Your Closet for a good reason. You’ll be shown how to recognise your closet’s virtues and how to make it ideal for your purpose. Easy-to-follow processes will inspire you to completely reorganise its fittings and sort through the clothes that are currently taking up the spaces within. Each online module will cover a different aspect of the renovation, and you’ll soon be building, improving, and extending that tired old area. You’ll then learn how to maximise that space and make it look stunning whilst keeping it within an affordable budget. This can evolve into a real business opportunity, so you’ll even be shown how to develop these organisational skills into a business and help clients become as savvy as you are with closets and clothes. The whole cours

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know how to review and individualise a closet space
  • Gain an understanding of “organisation” and its benefits
  • Learn how to fold, hang, and store clothes and accessories efficiently
  • Understand how to maintain the organisation of a closet
  • Discover how to renovate on a tight budget successfully
  • Be able to build a new closet and make the most of the available space
  • Attain the skills to sell unwanted clothes for profit 
  • Acquire the ability to start a professional organising business

Who is This Course for?

This course is aimed at those who want to renovate and de-clutter storage space with homes, whether it is for professional or personal purposes.      

Career Path

This course is appropriate for those wishing to start a professional organising or renovation business to operate in an advisory or practical role. It is also useful for personal home-improvement. As such, it covers the following careers and roles:

  • Wardrobe Management Coordinator
  • Professional Organiser
  • DIY Specialist or Decorator
  • Home and Life Designer
  • Life Coach

Course Curriculum

Revamp Your Closet
Module-1: Closet- An Overview 00:15:00
Module-2: Organisation of Closet 00:38:00
Module-3: Renovation of Closet 00:34:00
Module-4: Building and Improvement of Closet 00:23:00
Module-5: Maximising, Budgeting and Trading of Closet 00:26:00
Module-6: Professional and Business Aspects of Closet Organising 00:21:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Revamp Your Closet 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Revamp Your Closet 00:20:00


Revamp Your Closet